Chameleon (2013)

“Chameleon” is a digital/generative application and art-series made in May-June 2013. The series includes over 200 images, with a mix of expressions in the field of surreal abstract art. The Chameleon art-series & video-installation will be available for various exhibitions during 2014.


I’ve always been a big fan of Surrealistic art – I just love the soft and rounded shapes, the stunning compositions from artists like Salvador Dalí. I also like Abstract art – the shapes, colors & expressions from artists like Picasso and Kandinsky. In 2012 when I was living in Barcelona, I got close into the wonderful design/architecture of Antoni Gaudi (he’s got a lot of inspiration from the sea-life such as shells, anemones etc.). I started to do some sketches, based on the ideas I got along the way. I had a clear vision; I wanted to create an abstract art-series with a touch of surrealism.

Application & interactive features

The Chameleon application is programmed with ActionScript 3 (Adobe AIR) in Flash Builder. The art is built up by generative shapes, freehand brush-drawings, splash & drip-effects etc. The digital synthesis are all generated, composed and arranged by the user/artist at run-time.

I started to code a basic prototype, tweaking & testing – and as the work proceeded, more features were added. I spent quite some time designing/coding the colors, trying to find some interesting combinations. I also developed a dynamic “Colorpicker-function”, which makes it easy to select custom colors for various effects.

The application has the following interactive/keyboard features that can be used when creating the art:

•  30 Background images
•  50 Background-colors
• 10 predefined Color-schemes
•  Dynamic radial-gradients
•  Brush effects
•  Splash effects 
•  Drip effects
• 10 predefined colors for Brush, Splash & Drips-effects
•  ColorPicker function (Brush, Splash & Drips)
•  Generate new Random Shapes
•  Erase & Reset functions


Chameleon galleries & exhibition
More images (digital paintings) from this series.

Chameleon digital/generative art series by Thomas Lövgren

Chameleon digital/generative art series by Thomas Lövgren

Chameleon digital/generative art series by Thomas Lövgren

Chameleon digital/generative art series by Thomas Lövgren

Chameleon digital/generative art series by Thomas Lövgren

Music & Video
I wanted to create a kind of slow, abstract & melancholy feeling for the Chameleon-video. The video includes around 30 images, with additional background-music and slow transitions. I tested a lot of music until I came across “Secret Garden’s – Nocturne”. For the second part I wanted to have a soft beat that could bring more abstractness to the images, and lift the whole experience. So by mixing “Nocturne” with “nExow’s – They Bring Me to You”, I got exactly what I was looking for. I’ve also made an attempt to get the video-transitions synchronized with the music.

Secret Garden – Nocturne
nExow – They Bring Me To You
Remix by DJ Lova

Chameleon-art for Sale!
There are currently 25 images for sale on canvas at Fine Art America, more info can be found at this link: Chameleon art-series by Thomas Lövgren


Links & Resources
Fine Art America
(Chameleon-art available for sale)
Vimeo (Video version 1, HD quality available)
Youtube (Video version 2)
Flickr (48 images from the art-series)
Behance (Projects & Portfolio site)
The Creators Project (Article about the Chameleon art-series)

In Social Media you can follow this project by the tag: #chameleonart


Chameleon art Copyright © 2013 by Thomas Lövgren

Stay tuned for more art in this series…
Thomas, 2013


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