“Dimensions” is a digital/generative art, sound animation/installation made with Processing in 2010.

I had a vision of creating a dark, subtle art-experience with a slow monotone sound-beat. I was thinking of a generative/dynamic approach, where animations & sound flowing together in harmony. I started to play around with some Bezier and vertex curves, particles & different types of sound. After days of programming, tweaking and tests, I finally got pretty close to my initial idea.

The soundfx’s & particles makes the scene more dynamic, and brings more depth to the whole experience. It’s like a ‘flavor’ on top of the monotonous sound-beat.

The application, which is built on various generative algorithms – acts differently every time it runs.

This kind of digital-art projects, can often be seen in installations, exhibitions, digital artwork, print-outs etc.

Background music
Star Sounds Orchestra – Power of the Bear

Sound FX’s

* Note: There’s some frame-drop in the current video recording.
Please stay tuned for more videos & pictures of this art-project…




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